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Question Video: Arranging Given Numbers Mathematics • 2nd Grade

Arrange the numbers 463, 218, 757, 541, 137 in ascending order.


Video Transcript

Arrange the numbers 463, 218, 757, 541, and 137 in ascending order. We’re shown five three-digit numbers. And we’re asked to order them in ascending order. Ascending means going up. So we have to start with the smallest number and work our way up to the largest number. When we’re ordering three-digit numbers we’re ordering numbers that have a hundreds digit, a tens digit, and a ones digit. Writing the numbers into our place value chart will help us to compare the value of each of the digits.

Let’s start by comparing the hundreds digit. 463 has four hundreds, 218 has two, 757 has seven hundreds, 541 has five hundreds, and 137 has one hundred. Which of the hundreds digit is worth the least? Well, we know that one is less than five, seven, two, and four. So the hundreds digit with the least value is the one in 137. Which is worth the least? Four hundreds, two hundreds, seven hundreds, or five hundreds? It’s two hundreds. And the two is in the number 218. Now we just need to compare 463, 757, and 541.

Which is worth the least? It’s 463. Four is less than five and less than seven. And now we just need to compare 757 and 541. We know five is less than seven, so our next number is 541. And we only have one number left, 757. The numbers in ascending order are 137, 218, 463, 541, and 757.

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