Question Video: Using Place Value to Write Numbers in Words and Digits Mathematics

Write 68,661 in words.


Video Transcript

Write this number in words.

In this question, we’re given a five-digit number. And it’s a good job it wasn’t read to you as we read the question. Then you’d know how to write this number in words straight away. But so far, all we’ve got is this number written in digits.

To work out how to write it in words, we’re going to need to think about the place value of each of these digits. What are they worth? Let’s try modeling our number using place value counters. Let’s start with the lowest-value digit first. So we’re going to need one one, six 10s, six 100s, eight 1,000s, and our largest-value digit, six lots of 10,000. So how would we read this number?

To begin with, what are six lots of 10,000 worth? 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, 50,000, 60,000. Let’s make a note of this, 60,000. But wait a moment! We’ve got some more thousands. There’s an eight in the thousands place. Our number isn’t just 60,000; it’s 68,000. Perhaps you noticed a little comma in the number in the question. This comma appears between the thousands and the hundreds digits, and it’s a way of separating out the thousands. So when we see this comma, we can look at it and say thousand, sixty-eight thousand.

Now we just need to say the last three digits. We’ve got a six in the hundreds place, so that’s six hundred, six 10s, which are worth 60, and then our one one. Because we read our last two digits as a two-digit number, we say sixty-one. Perhaps you knew how to write this number without even using the place value counters to help. A five-digit number that’s written 68,661 is written in words sixty-eight thousand six hundred sixty-one.

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