Question Video: Identifying the Opposite of the Opposite of a Number on the Number Line Mathematics • 6th Grade

Which point shows −(−7)?


Video Transcript

Which point shows the negative of negative seven?

The two negatives in this question actually turn into a positive, as we need to follow the rules when there are two signs touching. The following four rules apply. A positive and a positive is equal to a positive. A positive and a negative equals a negative. Likewise, a negative and a positive equals a negative. And two negatives equal a positive.

When the two signs are different, the resultant sign is a negative. However, when the two signs are the same, the resultant sign is a positive. In this case, negative of negative seven is the same as positive seven. The positive numbers are to the right of zero on our number line, whereas the negative numbers are to the left. In this question, the point that shows positive seven is V. This means that the point that shows negative negative seven is also point V.

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