Video: Comparing Two Multidigit Numbers in Written Form and Numerical Form

Is ninety-five thousand, two hundred seventy-seven <, = or > 95277?


Video Transcript

Is ninety-five thousand two hundred seventy-seven less than, equal to, or greater than 95277?

Our first step will be to write ninety-five thousand two hundred seventy-seven in numerals. To do this, we’ll need to think about place value. If our decimal point is here on the right, the first place to the left of the decimal is the ones place. We can also call this the units place.

Moving to the left from the ones place, tens place, hundreds place, thousands place, and then the ten thousands. Our problem tells us that we have 95 thousands. 95 thousand looks like this: nine 10 thousands plus five thousand.

From there, we have 200, a two in our hundreds place, and 77. We write 77 like this. 77 is seven tens plus seven ones. Our question is asking us to compare ninety-five thousand two hundred seventy-seven to the number 95277. These are the same numbers. They are equal. Ninety-five thousand two hundred seventy-seven is equal to 95277.

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