Question Video: Converting between Miles and Kilometers Mathematics

How many miles are there in 4 kilometers? Hint: 8 kilometers is approximately 5 miles.


Video Transcript

How many miles are there in four kilometers? Hint: Eight kilometers is approximately five miles.

We’re asked here to find how many miles there are in four kilometers. And we’re given the handy conversion between miles and kilometers. Eight kilometers is approximately five miles. When we’re answering a question like this, it can be very helpful to write our conversion alongside the one that we wish to find out so that our kilometers are lined up and our miles are lined up. We can then think what we multiply or divide by to go from eight to four.

Well, we can think of that as halving or dividing by two. And therefore, we’ll need to do the same with our mile conversion. We’ll have to divide it by two. Half of five would give us 2.5 miles. We could also think of this visually. If eight kilometers is approximately five miles, then if we want to find four kilometers, that’s going to be halfway along the mile length as well, which would be 2.5 miles. Either way, we’ve found our answer that there’s 2.5 miles in four kilometers.

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