Video: Subtraction of Matrices

Evaluate matrix −2 1 1 0, −3 4 −2 1, −3 0 −1 11 − matrix 2 3 0 0, −1 5 0 0, 0 0 2 3.


Video Transcript

Evaluate the subtraction of these two matrices.

So in order to subtract these matrices, we’ll subtract the numbers that are in the corresponding spots, meaning the same spots. So negative two and two are both in the top left-hand corner, so in the top left-hand corner of our new matrix, we will subtract them. And now, in the spot below that, we’re subtracting negative three and negative one. And then in the last spot in that column, we’re gonna subtract negative three and zero.

Now in our second column, we’ll subtract all of those numbers. One minus three, four minus five, and zero minus zero. So now that we have subtracted the rest of the numbers in the last two columns, now we can simplify.

So the top left-hand corner would be the first column and that would be the first row, and negative two minus two is negative four. Now the second row of the first column, we have negative three minus negative one. So if s- if we are subtracting in minus, that means we’re really adding. And negative three plus one is negative two. Now for the last row in that first column, we have negative three minus zero, and that’s negative three.

Now as we keep subtracting numbers in our second column, we get negative two, negative one, and zero. In our third column, we get one, negative two, and negative three. And in our fourth column, we get zero, one, and eight. So this would be our final matrix.

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