Video: Number Patterns with Integers

Write the next two terms in the following sequence: −47, 47, −47, 47, _, _.


Video Transcript

Write the next two terms in the following sequence. Negative 47, 47, negative 47, 47.

We know that number sequences follow a pattern. This pattern is going from negative 47 to positive 47 and then back to negative 47 again. If we multiply a negative by a negative, we get a positive. And if we multiply a positive by a negative, we get a negative. And that means, mathematically, we can represent this pattern by multiplying the previous term by negative one.

Going from 47, if we multiply it by negative one, we’ll get negative 47. And then again, if we multiply negative 47 by negative one, we get positive 47. The two missing values in this order are negative 47 and then positive 47.

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