Video: Physics Past Exam • 2017/2018 • Pack 1 • Question 19B

Physics Past Exam • 2017/2018 • Pack 1 • Question 19B


Video Transcript

In the figure shown, what type of transistor is represented?

Looking at this figure, we see there are three terminals with labels E, B, and C. These labels stand for Emitter, Base, and Collector. These three terminals indicate that the transistor shown is either a PNP or the opposite an NPN transistor type.

One difference between these two types of transistors when it comes to their diagrams is that an NPN transistor, a negative positive negative transistor, has current that flows from the collector to the emitter. In the case of a PNP transistor, current flows the other way: emitter to collector.

We see in our diagram that current is indicated to move from emitter to collector. That tells us that it’s a PNP transistor represented in the figure.

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