Question Video: Finding the Result of a Subtraction Sentence Using a Given Model Mathematics • Kindergarten

Subtract to find the missing number: 9 − 4 = _.


Video Transcript

Subtract to find the missing number. Nine take away four equals what.

In this question, we need to subtract or take away to find the answer. Now there are three clues that show us we need to do this. Can you spot them? The first one is in this sentence; in fact, it’s the first word “subtract.” Our second clue is in the picture. What can you see that shows us we need to take away? Well, our picture shows some counters, but some of the counters have been crossed out. This shows us that our number is getting less. We’ve taken away these counters. And our final clue is in this number sentence here. Can you spot what tells us it’s a subtraction?

This little line here is the subtraction symbol. And so, we read this calculation as nine take away four. So, what is nine take away four? Well, we’re given this picture here to help us. Now the number nine in our subtraction tells us the number that we need to start with. Can you see how many counters we started with in the picture? There are one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine counters.

But something’s happened to some of our counters; they’ve been crossed out. We need to take them away from our nine counters and forget about them. Let’s count how many counters we’ve taken away. One, two, three, four. This is where the number four comes from in our number sentence. We started with nine counters and we took away or subtracted four counters. So, what’s the answer? How many counters do we have left? There are one, two, three, four, five counters left over. We started with nine and we took away four. We’re left with five. Nine subtract four equals five.

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