Question Video: Understanding Place Value When Subtracting Mathematics

Complete the following table.


Video Transcript

Complete the following table.

In this table, we’re given a number and then we’re given four different instructions: take away one, take away 10, take away 100, and take away 1000. We’ll start with take away one. 2370 take away one is the same thing as saying 2370 minus one.

Starting in the ones place, we see that we cannot take away one from zero. So we’ll need to borrow. We have seven tens. If we take a one 10 away, we’ll have six tens and 10 ones, then we can say 10 minus one equals nine.

We’re not subtracting anything from the tens place, so we bring down our six. We’re not subtracting anything from the hundreds place so we can bring down our three. We’re not subtracting anything from the thousands place, so we can bring down the two. 2370 take away one equals 2369.

Let’s move on to the take away 10. 2370 take away 10 looks like this: 2370 minus 10. In this subtraction problem, we start with seven tens and we need to take one 10 away. 70 minus 10 equals 60. And we haven’t changed our thousands place or our hundreds place. 2370 take away 10 equals 2360.

We can follow this pattern for our hundreds place. 2370 take away 100. In the hundreds place, we have 300. We want to take 100 away, so we’ll have 200 left. We haven’t changed the thousands or the tens place or the hundreds place. 2370 take away 100 equals 2270.

In our last box, we have 2370 take away 1000. In our thousands place, we have 2000. We need to take 1000 away. We’ll be left with 1000. We’re not changing our hundreds place or our tens place or our ones place. 2370 take away 1000 equals 1370.

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