Question Video: Comparing Two Multidigit Numbers in Written and Numerical Form Mathematics • 4th Grade

Is six hundred eighteen thousand, eight hundred fifty <, =, > 61805?


Video Transcript

Is six hundred eighteen thousand eight hundred fifty less than, equal to, or greater than 61805?

The first thing we wanna do is take the words six hundred eighteen thousand eight hundred and fifty and write them in digits. I can use a place value chart, like this one. Our problem told us that we have six hundred and eighteen thousands. So we need to add 618 into our thousands places, 618 thousands. We also have in the same value eight hundred fifty. We can add eight hundred as an eight in the hundreds place. And now we need to add fifty. 50 would be equal to five tens and zero units. So we write 50 as five zero.

We’re not finished yet because this question is asking us to compare the value we just found to 61805. Let’s take this number and line it up with our other number. The five goes in the units place, a zero in the tens place, an eight in the hundreds place, a one in the thousands place, and finally, a six in the ten thousands place.

Now that both of our values are in the same format, it’s very easy to compare. 618850 is greater 61805. We use the greater than symbol to represent this. And we say 618850 is greater than 61805.

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