Question Video: Recognizing the Number of Edges of 2D Shapes Mathematics • 1st Grade

Which of the given shapes has 4 sides?


Video Transcript

Which of the given shapes has four sides?

We’re shown a picture here of four different 2D or flat shapes. We can see that each of the shapes is made up of a number of straight lines. We call these straight lines the sides of the shape. Now, each of these shapes has a different number of sides. But we’re asked to find the shape that has four sides. Let’s count the sides on each shape to find out which one it is.

We could put a counter on each side to show that we’ve counted it. The first shape has one, two, three, four, five sides. This isn’t the shape we’re looking for. We’re looking for a four-sided shape. Let’s try the next one. Do you recognize this next shape? It’s a triangle. And the one thing that we can say about triangles is that we can draw them by joining up three straight lines. They have three sides. So, this isn’t our shape either.

Our third shape has one, two, three, four sides. It looks like this is the shape we were looking for. And if we just check the final shape, we can see that this has six sides. So, we’ve identified the shape that has four sides. And you know what the name of that shape is? It’s a square. Each of the four sides is the same length. And if you think that this doesn’t look like the usual way you draw a square, turn your head slightly. This is just a square that’s been turned a bit. That’s all. This is the shape that has four sides.

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