Question Video: Understanding Magnetic Interactions Physics • 9th Grade

Like poles _. Unlike poles _.


Video Transcript

Like poles blank. Unlike poles blank.

Now this statement is looking at magnets. Specifically, it’s discussing how the poles on a magnet react when brought close to poles from another magnet. To find out which words fill in the blanks, we need to remember the common phrase “opposites attract.”

What this tells us is that poles which are opposite, so north poles and south poles, attract each other. And conversely, poles which are similar, so two north poles or two south poles, will repel each other.

So let’s say we bring together poles from two different magnets. And firstly, we bring together the north pole from one magnet here and the south pole from the other. Well, if opposites attract, then this north pole and this south pole are going to attract each other. The same is true if we brought the south pole of the first magnet close to the north pole of the second. Because the north poles and south poles are opposite, they will attract each other.

However, if we were to bring together the two north poles from the two different magnets, then because they are not opposite, they will repel each other. And the same is true if we brought the two south poles together.

Therefore, we can say that like poles repel each other and unlike poles or opposite poles attract each other. And that is our final answer. Like poles repel. Unlike poles attract.

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