Question Video: Reading Clocks: Time to the Quarter Hour Mathematics • 2nd Grade

Write the time in words. [A] Quarter past ten [B] Quarter to nine [C] Quarter to ten [D] Quarter past nine


Video Transcript

Write the time in words. Is it quarter past ten, quarter to nine, quarter to ten, or quarter past nine?

In this question, we’re shown a digital clock, and we’re asked to write the time in words. What time is shown on the clock? We know the first digit on a digital clock tells us the hour. And on this clock, the first digit is a nine. Both of these times have a nine in them. These digits on the clock tell us the number of minutes. If it’s 9:15, that means it’s 15 minutes past nine. We know that one hour is 60 minutes. Half an hour is half of 60 which is 30 minutes. And a quarter of an hour is 15 minutes. The time in words is quarter past nine.

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