Question Video: Dividing Two-Digit Numbers by One-Digit Numbers Using Models Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Find 28 ÷ 7 using the cubes.


Video Transcript

Find 28 divided by seven using the cubes shown.

This question tests whether we know how to divide by seven, and we’re told how to find the answer. We need to use the cubes that are shown. Now these cubes, and there are 28 of them, aren’t just set out any way. They’ve been laid out in an array. And we can use arrays like this to help us solve division problems. Let’s think for a moment about what dividing by seven means. We can think of the division in two different ways, and we can use the array to show these two ways. Firstly, we can think of our calculation as 28 shared into seven equal groups. Can you see a way to share our array into seven equal groups? If we look closely, we can see that there are seven columns in our array. So we could think of each column as being one of our seven equal groups. And the answer to our division is going to be the number of cubes in each group. Can you see how many there are?

If we share 28 cubes into seven equal groups, there’ll be four cubes in each group. 28 divided by seven equals four. But you know, we can use our array to find the answer a different way. We can think of it as 28 grouped into sevens. And once again, we can use our array to help us. As we’ve seen already, our array has seven columns, but we could think of this fact a different way. If we concentrate on the rows and not the columns, we can say that each row contains seven cubes. So we can see that there are one, two, three, four groups of seven.

This time, we know the number in each group, but our answer tells us the number of sevens there are in 28. We found the answer to 28 divided by seven by using the array. And we’ve shown that we can think of this division in two different ways but still get the same answer. If we share 28 into seven equal groups, there’ll be four cubes in each group. Or if we group 28 into sevens, there’ll be four equal groups. 28 divided by seven equals four.

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