Question Video: Converting and Comparing between Days and Hours Mathematics • 5th Grade

Fill in the missing symbol using <, >, or = : 5 days _ 46 hours.


Video Transcript

Fill in the missing symbol using less than, greater than, or equal to. We need to compare five days to 46 hours.

Days and hours are different units. In order to compare these two numbers, we’ll need to compare the same units. This means we would need to convert five days into some hours. Or we would need to convert 46 hours into some number of days.

Let’s convert five days into hours. We know that one day is equal to 24 hours. If we want to find out how many hours are in five days, we need to multiply 24 times five. Starting in the ones place, we multiply five times four. Five times four equals 20. We bring down our zero and carry the two.

Moving on to the tens place, we need to multiply five times two. We know that five times two equals 10. But we have to add the two that we carried over. Five times two is 10, plus the two we carried over equals 12. So we bring down the 12.

This tells us that five days equals 120 hours. How does 120 hours compare to 46 hours? 120 hours is greater than 46 hours. So we know that five days is greater than 46 hours. The missing symbol is a greater than symbol.

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