Question Video: Applying the Commutative Property of Addition Mathematics • 3rd Grade

184 + 767 = 951. What is 767 + 184?


Video Transcript

184 plus 767 equals 951. What is 767 plus 184 equal to?

Imagine we have one block, which is equal to 184, and another block that is equal to 767. Together, they equal 951. Now, we have another problem: this time, we have 767 plus 184 and we want to know what does that equal.

These two addition problems have the same value. 767 plus 184 also equals 951. You see the commutative of property of addition tells us that when we add, order doesn’t matter. 184 plus 767 is the same thing as 767 plus 184. Three plus two is equal to two plus three.

So we can say with confidence 767 plus 184 equals 951.

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