Question Video: Multiplying One-Digit Numbers Using Models Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Find 7 × 3. Hint: How can knowing 5 × 3 help you?


Video Transcript

Find seven multiplied by three. Hint: How can knowing five times three help you?

In this question, we have to find seven multiplied by three. And we’ve been given this model to help us. And we’re also given a hint that tells us to think about how knowing five times three can help us to find seven times three. This model shows three lots of seven cubes. Did you notice how the seven has been broken apart into five cubes and two cubes? We know that we can partition the number seven into five and two because five and two make seven. So, we can find seven times three by first multiplying five by three and then multiplying two by three.

What is five times three? Five times three is 15. Now, we can calculate two times three, which is six. And if we add 15 and six together, we get 21. We found seven times three by partitioning or breaking the number seven apart into five and two. First, we found five times three. Then, we found two times three. We multiplied each part by three. And we can add the parts back together again to find the product of seven times three. If five times three is 15 and two times three is six, then seven times three is 21.

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