Question Video: Counting Money in 2s, 5s, 10s, and 20s within 100 Pence Mathematics

Jacob, Liam and Mason have amounts of money. How much money does Jacob have? How much money does Liam have? How much money does Mason have?


Video Transcript

Jacob, Liam, and Mason have the amounts of money shown. How much money does Jacob have? How much money does Liam have? And how much money does Mason have?

In the table, we can see the amounts of money that three boys have. We can see their names across the top: Jacob, Liam, and Mason. And as we read the questions, we realized that what we need to do is to find out how much money each one has. This means we need to do two things really. Firstly, we need to be able to add some numbers together. But before we do that, there’s another skill we need to have, and that’s being able to identify the value of each coin. Let’s look at Jacob’s coins to begin with. I wonder if they’ve been put in order of size? It’s always easier to start with a bigger number, isn’t it, when we’re adding?

This coin is fairly small, it’s silver, and it’s got seven sides. There’s a coin that looks a little bit similar to this, but it’s larger and that’s the 50p coin. So, do you remember what this smaller coin is worth? It’s worth 20 pence. And if we really look closely at the side of the coin, we might be able to see the words 20 pence written there. So that we don’t forget, let’s make a note of that value, 20p.

What’s the value of a round coin that’s slightly smaller than a 20p piece? This is a five-pence coin, so we’ll make a note of that. Jacob’s last two coins are worth the same amount. These are bronze colored and they’re quite small. These are both one-p coins. So, to find the amount of money that Jacob has, we need to add 20p, five p, one p, and another one p. Let’s start counting at 20. 20p plus five p equals 25p. And then, if we add one penny twice, we go from 25 to 26 and then 27. Jacob has a total of 27p.

Now, how much money does Liam have? Once again, let’s start by identifying the coins that he has. Here’s another one of these seven-sided silver coins, but this one is bigger. This is a 50-pence coin. And then, Liam has two bronze coins that are exactly the same. They’re slightly bigger than a one-p coin, now aren’t they? These coins are worth two pence each. So to find the total amount that Liam has, we need to add together 50p plus two p plus another two p. All these coins have been put in order for us, haven’t they? It makes it so much easier for us to add. So, we’ll start counting from 50. If we add two, we get 52p, and then another two, we get an overall total of 54p. Liam has 54 pence altogether.

Finally, let’s add the coins that Mason has. He has this round silver coin here. It’s bigger than a five p. This is a 10p coin. Then, we’ve got two coins that we’ve seen already. There’s a five-p coin and a one-penny coin. And you probably don’t need a number line to add these three numbers together. To find the total that Mason has, we just need to add 10p plus five p plus one p. 10p plus five p takes us to 15 pence. And if we add the one penny, we get 16 pence. Mason has the least of all. He has 16 pence.

In this question, we needed to practice two skills, being able to identify different coins and then being able to add them. The total of Jacob’s coins is 27p, the total of Liam’s coins is 54p, and the total of Mason’s coins is 16p.

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