Video: KS2-M17 • Paper 1 • Question 8

8 × 33 = _.


Video Transcript

Eight multiplied by 33 equals what?

To find the missing number, we need to calculate eight multiplied by 33. We can change the order of the numbers in this calculation to say 33 multiplied by eight. When we’re multiplying two numbers, we usually write the largest number first.

As we’re multiplying by eight, we need to use our knowledge of the eight times table to help. We could use the grid method to help us calculate the answer. We’re multiplying by eight. We need to partition 33 into 30 and three.

Now, we can calculate 30 times eight, three times eight and then add these totals together to give us 33 times eight. Let’s start with 30 times eight. We know that three multiplied by eight or three times eight is 24. 30 is 10 times bigger than three. So our answer needs to be 10 times bigger as well, 240.

The next step is to calculate three times eight. And we already know that’s 24. Now, we need to add these two totals together to give us 33 times eight. Zero and four is four, four and two is six, two add nothing is two. So eight multiplied by 33 or 33 multiplied by eight is 264.

We could also calculate our answer using the formal written method for multiplication. We start by multiplying eight by three which is 24. We can write the four in the ones column and the two which represents two tens in the tens column.

Next, we need to calculate eight times three again which is 24. But we have two to add. So 24 add two is 26. Eight multiplied by 33 is equal to 264.

We found our answer using two methods: the grid method and the standard written method.

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