Question Video: Finding the Number of Faces of a Given 3D Shape Mathematics • 1st Grade

How many faces does the shape have?


Video Transcript

How many faces does the shape have?

We could define a face as a flat side of one of our shapes. We can also say that it’s an individual surface of a three-dimensional shape. Here is the top face of the shape, that’s one face. The bottom face makes two faces. We have a left face as our third face. The right face makes our fourth face. Now that we marked our top and bottom, our left and right faces, just gonna clear this off so that we can more easily see the front and back faces. This face at the back is our fifth face. And finally, we have this very front face. That’s our last face to shade, and it is the sixth face.

This rectangular prism, and in fact any rectangular prism, has six faces: left, right, top, bottom, front, back.

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