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Question Video: Identifying the Function of Organs in the Digestive System

Which organ releases bile to help break down fats?


Video Transcript

Which organ releases bile to help break down fats? Is it the pancreas, the stomach, the liver, or the rectum?

Well, when this question asks us about bile and breaking down fats, what it’s actually asking us about is the process of digestion. So let’s look at each of these organs in turn and their role in the process of digestion and which one uses bile to break down fats in the process of digestion.

Well, first, we have the pancreas. Now, the pancreas releases digestive juices into the small intestine to help digest food. But it doesn’t release bile to help break down fats. Therefore, this can’t be the correct organ.

Next, we have the stomach. The stomach is an organ that mixes the food and then dissolves it in a liquid called gastric acid. But it isn’t an organ that releases bile to break down fats. So this also can’t be the correct organ.

Next, we have the liver. The liver produces bile, which is released into the small intestine and helps digest fats. Well, we can see that the organ in our question produces bile, and we can also see that the liver also produces bile. In the question, it says that bile is used to help break down fats. Now, another word for breaking something down is to digest it. Therefore, it looks like the correct answer to our question is the liver. But let’s go on to the last option just to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

The last option is the rectum. The rectum is the final part of the large intestine. It is a temporary storage site for fecal matter, in other words, poo. But we can see that this has nothing to do with bile and the breakdown of fats.

So the answer to “Which organ releases bile to help break down fats?” must be the liver.

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