Question Video: Adding Three-Digit Numbers Mathematics

Fill in the blank: 207 + 500 = _.


Video Transcript

Fill in the blank: 207 plus 500 equals what.

In this question, we’ve got two numbers to add together. Now they’re both three-digit numbers. But if we look carefully at our second three-digit number, we can see that it’s a little bit of an easier number to add. This is because although it contains a number of hundreds, five 100s, it doesn’t contain any tens or ones. It’s what we call a multiple of 100. And because it’s made up of five 100s, we can count in five 100s to find the answer. Let’s start with the number 207. And let’s count on it hundreds five times.

And we’ll find out which number we say is the last number. So we’ll start with 207 and then 307, 407, 507, 607, 707. We know that the number 500 is made up of five 100s but no tens and no ones. So that’s why as we read each number, they always ended in seven. 207 becomes 307, 407, 507, and so on. We counted on five 100s from 207. And the last number we said was the answer. 207 plus 500 equals 707.

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