Question Video: Writing Numbers up to 99 Using Words Mathematics • Kindergarten

Write the number 85 in words.


Video Transcript

Write the number 85 in words.

When we’re learning about two-digit numbers, there are lots of ways that we can represent them. We can model the number using base 10 blocks. We could use place value counters. We could even use a place value grid or arrow cards. Our question asks us to write the number in words. And each of these other ways of representing the number can help us to do that because they can show us what each digit represents.

The digit five in this number represents five ones. So when we write the number using words, we can just write the word five. What does the eight stand for? Well, the eight is in the tens place. And so it represents eight tens or 80. And so we can use our knowledge of place value to write the number in words, eighty-five.

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