Question Video: Primary Application of Kerosene Chemistry

In which application is kerosene used as a primary fuel? [A] Aircraft [B] Power stations [C] Cars [D] Domestic heating [E] Trains


Video Transcript

In which application is kerosene used as a primary fuel? A) Aircraft. B) Power stations. C) Cars. D) Domestic heating. Or E) trains.

Kerosene is the name of a fraction of crude oil. It sits between gasoline and diesel. In the fractionating column, diesel comes out earlier and gasoline comes out a little later. Kerosene is a very popular fuel for jet engines and for tractors. Now, we can go through the applications and see which one applies. Jets are a form of aircraft with jet engines, so we would expect kerosene to be used as a primary fuel in this case. So, we’ve already found our answer. Kerosenes are used as a primary fuel in some aircraft, but let’s have a look at the other options just in case.

Power stations tend to use coal much more than thay’d use liquid fuels. Liquid fuels are easier to transport and much better for small mobile applications. Coal, on the other hand, is cheaper and much better for mass energy production. So, B is not a correct answer. Cars are a form of automobile and are more likely to be using gasoline than other types of fuel. There are, however, diesel-powered cars, but those would use diesel and not kerosene.

The fuels in domestic heating will tend to be petroleum gas, natural gas, or wood. While kerosene is used for cooking on mobile stoves, it doesn’t tend to be used for heating. And lastly, trains, modern trains are mostly electric, but historically they used coal rather than oil or oil based products. So, kerosene would not be used as a primary fuel in this application. So, the answer to which application is kerosene used as a primary fuel is aircraft.

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