Question Video: Understanding That We Can Divide to Find the Number of Groups Mathematics • 3rd Grade

There are 14 carrots. The carrots will be shared equally between 7 rabbits. Each rabbit will get _ carrots. Find the missing number: 14 ÷ 7 = _.


Video Transcript

There are 14 carrots. The carrots will be shared equally between seven rabbits. Each rabbit will get what carrots. Find the missing number: 14 divided by seven equals what.

Our problem begins with 14 carrots. And to help us imagine them, we’re given a picture that shows them. But something’s going to happen to these carrots. We’re told that they’re going to be shared equally. When something is shared equally, it’s divided. This is a question all about division.

So, how many groups will the carrots be shared into? Well, if we look carefully, we can see who’s doing the dividing here. The carrots are going to be shared equally between seven rabbits. So, we need to split our 14 carrots into seven equal groups. To help us do this, let’s sketch the groups.

Here are seven circles to represent the seven rabbits, one circle for each rabbit. Now, we need to make sure that these groups are equal. So, each time we share the carrots, each group needs to get the same amount. Let’s use counters to represent carrots.

To begin with, let’s give each of the seven groups one carrot. So, that’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. There are seven groups, and they each now have one carrot. But we’ve got more carrots left. We’re going to need to give each group another carrot. Now, there are no more carrots left to share. We’ve divided all 14 of them. And they’ve been split up into equal groups.

We know that the groups are equal because if we look at them quickly, we can see that they’ve got the same number of counters in them. Remember, we said our counters represented carrots. So, now, we can answer the first part of our question. Each rabbit will get what carrots. Well, we managed to put two counters in each group, didn’t we? So, we know that each rabbit will get two carrots.

In the final part of our question, we’re given a number sentence and we need to fill in the missing number. Our number sentence begins with the number 14. We know this is the whole amount. This was the number of carrots that we began with. But then, we have an interesting symbol, two dots with a line in between them.

Perhaps you were listening carefully when the text of this question was read out at the very start. If so, you’ll know what this symbol means. That’s right. It means divided by. We use the division symbol whenever an amount is shared into equal groups. We started with 14 carrots. They were divided or shared between seven rabbits. And the missing number in our number sentence, that’s the answer to our division, is the number of carrots in each group. Of course, the answer’s two.

If there are 14 carrots and they’re shared equally between seven rabbits, each rabbit will get two carrots. And we can write this using the division symbol as 14 divided by seven equals two. Both of our missing numbers are the number two.

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