Video: KS2-M17 • Paper 1 • Question 20

714 divided by 17 equals what?


Video Transcript

714 divided by 17 equals what?

We can calculate the answer using long division. Since seven is less than 17, we need to move to the next digit and divide 71 by 17. How many 17s are there in 71? Double 17 or 17 times two is 34. If we double that again or multiply it by four, we get 68. There are four 17s in 71.

Four 17s are 68. 71 take away 68 is three. We can’t divide three by 17. So we need to bring down the four and divide 34 by 17. And we already know that two 17s are 34, which gives us nothing left over.

714 divided by 17 is 42.

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