Question Video: Finding the Number That Satisfies a Division Condition Using the Multiplication Table

What is the number that, when divided by 7, gives 3?


Video Transcript

What is the number that, when divided by seven, gives three?

If we were going to write this problem as a number sentence, it would look like this: something divided by seven equals three. Another way of representing the problem is as a bar model. The whole bar represents our mystery number. And when we divide it into seven equal parts, each part is worth three.

So how can we find out what the mystery number is? Well, we can see that there’re seven parts. Each part is worth three. And if we find out the total of seven groups of three, we can find out what our mystery number is.

And so if we know what seven times three is, we can use this multiplication fact to help us complete the division. What are seven threes? Perhaps you know this multiplication fact already.

But if not, we could skip-count in threes to find the answer. Three, six, nine, four threes are 12, five threes are 15, 18, and seven lots of three is 21. So we know that the whole bar in our bar model is worth 21.

And because we know the fact seven multiplied by three equals 21, we can use this to complete our division. 21 divided by seven equals three.

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