Video: KS1-M16 • Paper 2 • Question 22



Video Transcript

Look at these four fruits. Kemi buys three different fruits. She spends exactly one pound. Tick the three fruits that she buys.

We can use a bar model to help us think about how to answer the question. We know that Kemi spends exactly one pound on fruit. And we also know that she buys three fruits. We have to work out which three fruits can be bought with her one pound. Which three fruits make a total when added together of one pound?

We know that one pound is equal to 100 pence. So we have to add together three amounts to make 100. We know that Kemi spent 100 pence or one pound, and she bought three fruits. We could start with a banana, which cost Kemi 50 pence. We know that 50 plus 50 makes 100. So we need to find two coins whose total is 50 pence. 20 and 30 makes 50. So 50 plus 20 plus 30 equals 100. So Kemi could buy a banana for 50 pence, an apple for 20 pence, and an orange for 30 pence. The three fruits that Kemi buys are an apple, a banana, and an orange.

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