Question Video: Arranging Decimals in Descending Order Mathematics • 5th Grade

Order 4.944, 5.224, 5.74, 5.455 from greatest to least.


Video Transcript

Order 4.944, 5.224, 5.74, and 5.455 from greatest to least.

Greatest essentially means the largest number or the biggest number and the least number will be the smallest number. When ordering numbers, we need to begin all the way to the left. So we want to compare these numbers first. So, we have a four, a five, a five, and a five.

So right away, we know that 4.944 is the smallest number that we have it will be the least. So for going from greatest to least, this should be the last number that we write down.

So now with the last three, we need to compare the number next — the number to the right. So we are comparing a two, a seven, and a four. Out of two, seven, and four, two will be the smallest number, four will be between the two and the seven, and seven will be the largest.

So out of all of the numbers, 5.74 is the largest number. So it must be the greatest. So we want to list this number first. So 5.74 is the greatest. So it would be written first. And now, we write the next largest number, which will be the 5.455. And we know this because the 4.944 — the number with the pink written with least — is the smallest number. So out of the three numbers that we wrote with yellow, the next largest was the 5.455. And then, the next largest as we’re getting smaller will be 5.224. And then, lastly the smallest of all four numbers will be 4.944.

So ordering these numbers from greatest to least, we have 5.74, 5.455, 5.224, and 4.944. So as we can see, it doesn’t necessarily matter how many numbers are written down. It doesn’t make it the largest. It’s comparing the numbers in order that helps us decide the smallest and the largest and every number in between. So once again, this will be our final answer.

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