Question Video: Comparing Addition Expressions with Numbers in the Written Form Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Which is bigger: five hundred and sixty three or 162 + 113?


Video Transcript

Which is bigger, five hundred and sixty three or 162 plus 113?

In this problem, we need to compare two values together. The first is a three-digit number that’s been written in words, five hundred and sixty three. And we know that we can write five hundred sixty three in digits. We put a five in the hundreds place, a six in the tens place, that’s worth 60, and then three ones, 563. But the value that we’re asked to compare it to is an addition, 162 plus 113.

Now, in order to compare these two values together, we’re going to have to work out what 162 plus 113 is actually worth. Now, it might be that you think you can already see which of the two values is going to be bigger. But what we’re going to do here is we will add 162 and 113 together. Then, we’ll know for sure.

162 is made up of one 100, six tens, and two ones. And 113 is made up of one 100, one 10 and three ones. Now, we should be able to see just from looking at our place value counters whether we think this total is going to be larger or smaller than 563. But let’s add the two numbers together anyway. We’ll start by adding our ones digits. Two plus three equals five.

Now, let’s add the tens digits together. We have six tens and then one 10 in the lower number. What are six tens plus one 10? The answer’s seven tens. So, we know our answer contains seven tens, or 70. Finally, both numbers have one 100. And we need to add these two 100s together to make, of course, 200. So, the total of 162 and 113 is 275. Now, if we compare these numbers together, we can see straightaway that 563 is larger. It contains five 100s compared with the two 100s that are in 275. And so, which is bigger 563 or 162 plus 113? The bigger value is 563.

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