Question Video: Verifying If a Given Inequality Is True or False at a Given Value Mathematics • 6th Grade

Given that 𝑏 = 11, is the inequality 28 βˆ’ 𝑏 < 34 true or false?


Video Transcript

Given that 𝑏 equals 11, is the inequality 28 minus 𝑏 is less than 34 true or false?

In order to find if this is true or false, we need to take 𝑏 equals 11 and use it to substitute 11 in for 𝑏. So let’s go ahead and replace 𝑏 with 11. Now we just need to simplify. So on the left-hand side, 28 minus 11 is 17. And is 17 less than 34? Yes, it is. Therefore, this statement is true.

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