Question Video: Evaluating Three-Step, Whole Number Expressions with Two Pairs of Parentheses Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Evaluate (7 + 8) × (5 − 4).


Video Transcript

Evaluate seven plus eight times five minus four.

Before we can evaluate this type of expression, we need to think about what we know about order of operations. When we deal with expressions that contain more than one operation, we use this order, the order of operations, to tell us how to solve.

We start with parentheses then exponents then multiplication and division from left to right, followed by addition and subtraction from left to right. In our problem, we have two sets of parentheses. We solve what’s inside the parentheses for both of these problems.

First, seven plus eight equals 15. And then five minus four equals one. We bring down the multiplication symbol. Now that we finished our parentheses step — there are no exponents in this problem — we can go ahead and multiply 15 times one. 15 times one equals 15. Seven plus eight times five minus four equals 15.

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