Question Video: Adding Decimal Numbers to Find the Perimeter of a Given Shape Mathematics • 5th Grade

Determine the perimeter of the given shape.


Video Transcript

Determine the perimeter of the given shape.

The perimeter is the distance all the way around the shape. We find the perimeter by adding up all the side lengths. Because this is a rectangle, we know that sides opposite each other have the same length. Two sides on this rectangle measure eight and 27 hundredths centimeters, and two sides measure four and 25 hundredths centimeters.

We need to add these four values together. Starting in the hundredths place, five plus five plus seven plus seven equals 24. We write down the four and carry the two, then we move on to our tenths place and add two plus two plus two plus two plus two.

All together that equals 10, we write down a zero and carry our one. We copy down our decimal, making sure it stays lined up, and then add the ones place: one plus four plus four plus eight plus eight equals 25. The four sides add up to equal 25 and four hundredths.

That’s not our final answer though. We have to make sure we include the units. The perimeter is 25 and four hundredths centimeters.

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