Question Video: Solving Nonmonic Quadratic Equations with Imaginary Roots Mathematics

Solve the equation 2𝑥² = −50.


Video Transcript

Solve the equation two 𝑥 squared equals negative 50.

The first thing we need to do is to divide both sides by two. So we get 𝑥 squared is equal to negative 25. Now we need to square root both sides to get rid of the squared on the 𝑥.

So 𝑥 is equal to the square root of negative 25, which we could rewrite the inside of the square root as negative one times 25.

And using our multiplication property, we can separate them. The square root of negative one is 𝑖.

And the square root of 25 is plus or minus five, because five times five is 25 and negative five times negative five is also 25. So this means 𝑥 is equal to plus or minus five 𝑖.

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