Question Video: Converting between Length Units Involving Percentage Mathematics • 6th Grade

Fill in the missing value: 13% of 700 m is _ cm.


Video Transcript

Fill in the missing value: 13 percent of 700 meters is blank centimeters.

There are two ways of approaching this problem. We could convert 700 meters into centimeters and then find 13 percent of this value. Alternatively, we could find 13 percent of 700 meters and then convert this into centimeters. We will use the second method in this case. The calculation 13 percent of 700 can be done with or without a calculator.

As the word ’percent’ means out of 100, we can write 13 percent as the fraction 13 over 100. The word ’of’ in mathematics means multiply, so we need to multiply thirteen one hundredths by 700. We could type this straight into the calculator. However, if we don’t have one, we could rewrite 700 as 700 over one. As 700 and 100 are both divisible by 100, we can cross simplify or cross cancel as shown. We then need to multiply the numerators and denominators separately.

13 multiplied by seven is equal to 91. This is because 10 multiplied by seven is 70 and three multiplied by seven is 21. Multiplying the denominators gives us one. And 91 divided by one is 91. This means that 13 percent of 700 is 91.

An alternative method would be to write the fraction thirteen one hundredths as a decimal. This is equal to 0.13. Multiplying this by 700 would also give us an answer of 91.

We could also work out 13 percent of any number by calculating 10 percent, three percent, and then adding our two answers. We can calculate 10 percent of any number by dividing the number by 10. Therefore, 10 percent of 700 is 70. We can work out one percent of any number by dividing by 100. Therefore, one percent of 700 is seven. Multiplying this by three gives us three percent of 700 is equal to 21. We can then add 70 and 21 to work out 13 percent of 700. This is equal to 91.

Using any one of these methods, we get the answer that 13 percent of 700 meters is 91 meters. There are 100 centimeters in one meter. So, to convert this answer into centimeters, we need to multiply by 100. 91 multiplied by 100 is 9100. Therefore, 13 percent of 700 meters is 9100 centimeters.

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