Question Video: Arranging Capacities in Ascending Order Mathematics

Arrange in ascending order: 20 L, 26000 mL, 2000 cm³.


Video Transcript

Arrange in ascending order. 20 litres, 26000 millilitres, and 2000 centimeters cubed.

In order to answer any question like this, we need to make sure that all our values are in the same units. In this question, we need to use the following conversions. 1000 millilitres is equal to one litre. One cubic centimeter or one centimeter cubed is equal to one millilitre. This means that 1000 cubic centimeters is also equal to one litre. We could convert the values into anyone of the three units. In this case, we’ll convert them into litres. Firstly, to convert 26000 millilitres into litres, we’ll divide by 1000. This is equal to 26. Therefore, 26000 millilitres is equal to 26 litres.

We can convert from cubic centimeters to litres in the same way. 2000 divided by 1000 is equal to two. Therefore, 2000 cubic centimeters is equal to two litres. We now have three values in litres, 20 litres, 26 litres, and two litres. The smallest value is two litres. The next smallest is 20 litres. The largest value is 26 litres.

This means that the correct answer in ascending order is 2000 cubic centimeters, 20 litres, and 26000 millilitres.

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