Question Video: Adding One-Digit Numbers Using a Number Line Mathematics • 1st Grade

Complete the following: 1 + 7 = _.


Video Transcript

Complete the following: one plus seven equals what.

In this question, we need to find the total of one and seven. Now we’re shown a picture of a number line underneath this addition. Perhaps we could use it to count on, so we could start at the number one and then count on another seven. To do this, we’d need to make a jump of one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. We’ve arrived at the number eight, and so we know one plus another seven is eight. But you know, there’s a much quicker way to find the answer because counting on seven took a while, didn’t it?

When we add two numbers together, it doesn’t matter which order we add them. So although we could start at one and then count on another seven, we could get the same answer by switching the numbers around. We could start at the number seven, and then we’d only have to count on another one: seven and then eight. If we’re adding a small number onto another number, it’s often useful to start with the bigger number and then just count on the small number. We found the answer by starting at one and counting on seven, but also by starting at seven and counting on one. One plus seven equals eight.

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