Question Video: Factoring by Finding the Highest Common Factor Mathematics • 7th Grade

Factor 15𝑒 + 15𝑓 completely.


Video Transcript

Factor 15𝑒 plus 15𝑓 completely.

We’re given the expression 15𝑒 plus 15𝑓. We know that 15𝑒 equals 15 times 𝑒, and we know that 15𝑓 equals 15 times 𝑓. Both values have a common factor of 15, which means 15 is the highest common factor. And if we undistribute this 15, we can write 15𝑒 plus 15𝑓 like this. 15 times 𝑒 plus 𝑓. We know that this is true based on the distributive property, which tells us π‘Ž times 𝑏 plus 𝑐 is equal to π‘Ž times 𝑏 plus π‘Ž times 𝑐. Since we’re not given any other information, this expression is factored as 15 times 𝑒 plus 𝑓.

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