Question Video: Comparing Fractions with Different Denominators in Word Problems Mathematics • 4th Grade

Given that Natalie spends 1/3 of her salary to commute to work and 3/8 of her salary to buy food, determine whether she spends more money on transportation or food.


Video Transcript

Given that Natalie spends one-third of her salary to commute to work and three-eighths of her salary to buy food. Determine whether she spends more money on transportation or food.

For this problem, we need to compare the fraction of transportation money compared to the fraction of food money. Transportation is one-third. Food is three-eighths. In order to compare these fractions, we’ll need to find a common denominator.

One way to do that is by multiplying the two denominators together. We would multiply the transportation cost by eight over eight and then we would multiply the food cost by three over three. For the transportation cost, one times eight equals eight, three times eight equals 24. Our new fraction for transportation then becomes eight over 24.

In the food category, we multiply three by three for our numerator equals nine. In the denominator, we multiply eight times three to equal 24. Our new equivalent fraction for the money Natalie spends on food is nine 24ths.

Now that we have a common denominator, we can easily compare transportation and food cost. Transportation costs eight 24ths and food costs nine 24ths of Natalie salary.

Nine 24ths is greater than eight 24ths. Natalie spends more money on food then she does transportation.

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