Question Video: Using Ten Frames to Find Numbers From 11–19 Mathematics • Kindergarten

Which picture shows the number 11?


Video Transcript

Which picture shows the number 11?

In this question, we’re given three different sets of ten frames. And we’re asked which of these pictures shows a number. Now, we know when we write a digit one next to another digit one, we’ve written the number 11. So which of our pictures is a way to model the number 11? Now, we could think that it’s our first picture. We can see one counter on the first ten frame and one counter on the second ten frame. And of course, if we write the digits one and one next to each other, we write the number 11.

Can we see 11 counters? Of course not. We can only see two. Instead, we need to think a little bit more carefully about how to make 11. Now, we know the number 11 is the number that comes after 10. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11. So we can show the number 11 by making 10 ones and also one more one. Which of our pictures shows 10 ones and one more one? Well, it’s this picture here, isn’t it? We can see a full ten frame. This is the same as 10 counters or 10 ones. And then we can see one more one sitting on its own in the second ten frame. The picture that shows the number 11 is the one that shows 10 ones and one more one left over.

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