Question Video: Crossing Ten When Subtracting on a Number Line Mathematics • 2nd Grade

Use the number line to subtract. 13 − 5 = _. Hint: Subtract to make ten first.


Video Transcript

Use the number line to subtract. 13 subtract five equals what. Hint: Subtract to make 10 first.

In this question, we have to subtract five from the number 13 and we have to subtract to 10 first. What did we have to subtract from 13 to take us to number 10? 13 take away three equals 10. We’re subtracting five. We’ve already subtracted three. How much more do we need to subtract? We know that three and two makes five, so we need to subtract two more. 10 subtract two equals eight. 13 subtract five equals eight. First, we subtracted three to make 10. Then we subtracted two more.

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