Question Video: Multiplying Three-Digit Numbers by One-Digit Numbers Mathematics • 4th Grade

Find the product. 213 × 2.


Video Transcript

Find the product. 213 multiplied by two.

In this question, we have to multiply our three-digit number, 213, by a one-digit number, the number two. First, we need to find the ones product. And we know the ones digit in 213 is three, so we have to multiply two by three, which is six. Next, we need to find the tens product. 213 has one 10, so we need to multiply two by 10. So, our product is 20. And finally, we need to find the hundreds product. The hundreds digit in 213 is two, worth 200. So, we’re multiplying two by 200. Two times 200 is 400.

Now, what we need to do is add our three partial products. We’ve got six in the ones column, a total of two in the tens column, and a total of four in the hundreds column. The product of 213 multiplied by two is 426.

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