Question Video: Converting from Cubic Decimetres to Cubic Centimetres Mathematics

Write the answer in cubic centimeters: 4.3 dm³ + 5950 cm³.


Video Transcript

Write the answer in cubic centimeters: 4.3 cubic decimeters plus 5950 cubic centimeters.

We immediately notice in this question that our two values have different units. As we’ve been asked to write the answer in cubic centimeters, we need to convert our first value from cubic decimeters to cubic centimeters. There are 1000 cubic centimeters in one cubic decimeter. This means that, in order to convert from cubic centimeters to cubic decimeters, we would divide by 1000. To convert the other way as we need to in this case, we need to multiply by 1000. 4.3 multiplied by 1000 is 4300. So 4.3 cubic decimeters is the same as 4300 cubic centimeters. We now need to add 4300 and 5950. This is equal to 10250. The answer to the question 4.3 cubic decimeters plus 5950 cubic centimeters in cubic centimeters is 10250. We could convert this answer into cubic decimeters by dividing by 1000. This would give us an answer of 10.25 cubic decimeters.

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