Question Video: Finding the Number of Kilograms Equivalent a Given Number of Quarters of a Kilogram Mathematics • 4th Grade

You have 16 quarters of a kilogram. How many kilograms do you have?


Video Transcript

You have sixteen-quarters of a kilogram. How many kilograms do you have?

How can we write sixteen-quarters? That’s 16 times a quarter, which is one-fourth. 16 times one-fourth equals 16 over one times one over four. Sixteen-quarters is sixteen-fourths. And both 16 and four are divisible by four. So we can divide the numerator and the denominator by four. 16 divided by four is four. Four divided by four is one. Sixteen-quarters equals four.

If you think about it in terms of money, sixteen-quarters is 16 25-cent pieces. And for every four-quarters, we get a dollar, one whole. Sixteen-quarters equals four.

But in our question, we have sixteen-quarters of a kilogram, which is equal to four kilograms.

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