Question Video: Comparing Two Large Numbers in Written and Numerical Form Mathematics

Is nine hundred twenty million, twenty-eight thousand, six hundred sixteen <, =, or > 920028661?


Video Transcript

Is 920028616 less than, equal to, or greater than 920028661?

The first thing we can do is take our value that’s given in words and convert it to a form that uses numerals. We’ll start with the first phrase nine hundred twenty million. So we have 920. The second phrase twenty-eight thousand, this one is a little bit trickier. We have only 28000, no hundred thousands. And that means we need to remember to have a placeholder in the hundred thousands place: zero two eight. The last phrase we have six hundred sixteen. We represent six hundred and sixteen with 616.

Now that we have both of our number values in numeral form, they can be compared more easily. When we compare values, we always start with their highest place value. Both of our numbers have 920 million. If your values are the same in the millions, you need to move to the thousands place. Both of our values have 28000, which means we’ll start checking the hundreds, tens, and ones place. Both of these values have a six in the hundreds position. We finally have a difference in the tens place. Our number on the left has a one in the tens place and our number on the right has a six in the tens place.

So we need to ask which is larger, the one or the six? Because the six is larger, our number on the right is a bigger number. That means the number on the left is smaller. The number on the left is less than the number on the right — less than.

920028616 is less than 920028661.

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