Question Video: Converting Fractions to Decimals Mathematics • 4th Grade

Convert 3/5 = _ to a decimal.


Video Transcript

Convert three-fifths to a decimal.

Let’s do this in two different ways. The first way is with division. And the second way is by converting it to a fraction out of 10. We’ll start with division. We’re trying to divide three by five. Five goes into three zero times.

What can we do now? Now we’ll add a decimal and a zero because three is equal to three decimal zero. We haven’t changed the value of our number inside the box. And then we ask the question, “How many times does five go into 30?” Five goes into 30 six times. Six times five equals 30. 30 minus 30 equals zero.

And the thing we can’t forget is lining up our decimal. Using the division method, we see that three divided by five equals zero and six tenths. There is another method though. If we convert three-fifths into a fraction out of 10, we notice that five times two equals 10.

If we multiplied by something on the denominator, we multiply by the same thing in the numerator. Three times two equals six. Three-fifths is equal to six tenths. And the decimal place to the right of the zero is the tenths place.

How many tenths do we have? We have six tenths. Both methods show us that three-fifths as a decimal is zero decimal six, zero and six tenths.

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