Question Video: Using Place Value Blocks to Add Three-Digit Numbers with Regrouping Mathematics • 2nd Grade

Write all the numbers in the sum. Use the place value blocks to help you.


Video Transcript

Write all the numbers in the sum. Use the place value blocks to help you.

Here’s the sum we’re trying to solve. When working with sums like these, we always start all the way on the right with the ones place. We’re trying to add five and eight. We need to take our five red blocks and add eight more red blocks. Five plus eight gives us a total of 13, 13 ones.

Since we have 13 ones, we can trade some of these red blocks in for a yellow block. We can trade in some of our ones for a 10. We trade in 10 of our red blocks and get a yellow block. This means we have one 10 and three ones. We write down a three in the ones place for our sum. And we carry a one, putting it in the tens place. That means we’ll need to take this stack of 10, this yellow block, and move it into the tens place.

This completes the adding in the ones place. And now we can add up our tens. We’ll need to add four tens plus seven tens plus the one ten that we carried over. We have four plus one plus seven. This gives us a total of 12 tens. We can take some of these tens and turn them into a blue block. If we have 10 tens, we can turn that into a blue hundreds block.

Our 10 tens become 100. Instead of having 12 tens, we now have two tens and one 100. We write down a two in the tens place to represent our tens. And we carry over a one in the hundreds place.

Our final step is to add all the hundreds blocks together to see how many hundreds we have. Three plus one plus one equals five. We have five hundreds, two tens, and three ones. The solution to this sum is 523.

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