Question Video: Finding One More and One Less than Numbers Up to 10 Mathematics • Kindergarten

Which picture has one more egg than 6?


Video Transcript

Which picture has one more egg than six?

This question is all about finding one more than a number, and the number we’re given at the end of the question is six. We need to find one more than six. Can you imagine putting six eggs into a frying pan? Maybe not because that sounds like quite a lot of eggs. But imagine you have and then imagine you put one more egg in. Perhaps somebody comes for breakfast that you weren’t expecting. It’s going to make a new number of eggs. And we’re looking for that number. Now, before we start, have a quick look at each of the frying pans with eggs in it. There’s no need to count the eggs yet, but sometimes we can recognize numbers without actually counting.

One of the frying pans has got six eggs in exactly. Can you spot which one it is without actually counting? If you can, we could use this to give us a good idea of which pan it might be that contains one more egg than six. Well, whether you spotted the six eggs or not, let’s start with this first pan. What would you guess? Do you think this has got one more egg than six? Looks like quite a few eggs in this pan, doesn’t it? Well, let’s count them. And as we do to make sure we don’t count any egg more than once, let’s cross them out as we say each number, one, two, three, four, five, six. Well, we can stop counting here, can’t we, because we can see that this pan doesn’t contain one more than six. We can see another three eggs we need to count. This pan contains three more than six.

Let’s try our second pan, one, two, three, four, five, six exactly. This was the pan we mentioned at the start. Perhaps you spotted it already. Because we know that this frying pan has six eggs in it, we can use it to help compare to the others. For example, if we compare our six eggs to the next picture, we can see straightaway that the next picture is going to show less than six eggs, isn’t it? We’d better count just in case, one, two, three, four, five. We were right. We’d need to add some more eggs in this frying pan to get one more than six, wouldn’t we? We’ve only got two more pictures to choose from. The first one contains one, two, three, four, five, six, and we can see one more egg than six. It looks like this picture is the right answer. And if we just check our last picture and we cross off six eggs, we can see that there are two more than six eggs in this last picture.

So we know that the picture that shows one more than six is this one. We’ve answered the question, but we haven’t said what number one more than six is. Let’s find out just to end with. In this pan, there are one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Seven is one more than six. It’s the next number that comes after six when we’re counting. The picture that has one more egg than six is the one that shows seven eggs.

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