Question Video: Converting Velocity from Kilometres per Minute to Metres per Second Mathematics

Express 333 km/min in meters per second.


Video Transcript

Express 333 kilometers per minute in meters per second.

In order to answer this question, we need to recall our conversions between kilometers and meters and also between minutes and seconds. There are 1000 meters in one kilometer, and there’re 60 seconds in one minute.

Our initial value is 333 kilometers in one minute. To convert from kilometers to meters, we multiply by 1000. And to convert from minutes to seconds, we multiply by 60. 333 multiplied by 1000 is 333000. One multiplied by 60 is 60. The car would travel 333000 meters in 60 seconds. We can divide the numerator and denominator by 10, giving us 33300 divided by six. This is equal to 5500. 333 kilometers per minute is equivalent to 5500 meters per second.

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